Program & Project Management, references:



  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS): Wake turbulence research (wake/vortex) approach rwy 27 (Buitenveldertbaan) caused by engine test stand;
  • AAS: Development Strategic Calculation Model for Noise-zone Schiphol;
  • AAS: Partly removal engine test stand;
  • AAS: Crosswind operations on wet runways in relation to overall capacity improvement noise-zone;
  • AAS: Ban of Chapter 2 aircraft before EU/ICAO legislation;
  • AAS: Millennium project Schiphol;
  • AAS/HITT: Birdstrike collision avoidance Schiphol, development full-automatic birdstrike collision avoidance & control system for rwy 18R-36L (Polderbaan).



  • Port of Rotterdam: Execution of Program Management on behalf of joint deep sea containerterminals ECT-Euromax-APMTR-APMT II-RWG for development of Container Exchange Route op Maasvlakte 2;
  • Seaports Amsterdam (GHA): Development STAA, an advanced planning- and simulation system for capacity improvement of locks IJmuiden;
  • GHA: Development Harbour Management System;
  • GHA/HITT: Development shore radar system.

Crowd Management:


  • Alpe d'HuZes (capacity study Alpe d'Huez);
  • RACE (Rapid Intelligent Planning, Alert and Guidance System for Safe Crowd Evacuation), EU 7th Framework Program;
  • EOSS (Electronic light assisted emergency operations Optimization by Simulation and camera Surveillance), Eurostars Program;
  • Crowds-2-Control.Sim, the Hague Security Delta Program;
  • SportEvacPro for Menomonee Falls High School, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, USA;
  • Haarrijnse Strand, Utrecht;
  • SBIR (Small Business Innovation Program) Phase 1 en 2.

Certification: CO2, ISO 9001 (2015)

  • CO2, process support & execution;
  • ISO 9001 (2015), process support & execution.



  • Program Management AVG/GDPR for cliënt Automotive, Renault, Dacia, Kia, Ford, Nissan - area of Zuid-Holland;
  • Program Management AVG/GDPR for cliënt Automotive, Ford - area of Utrecht;
  • Program Management AVG/GDPR for cliënt Automotive, Ford - area of Flevoland;
  • Program Management AVG/GDPR for cliënt Automotive, Renault - area of Utrecht.